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Marketing and Fish & Chips

How are fish and chips and marketing served on the same plate?
Well, let’s look at them a bit more carefully and see what the heck these two are doing together.

1. High-quality services – The starting point.

Right, so if you have a fish and chips shop, you take good care of the quality of your ingredients and the preparation. Your focus is to become famous about providing the best fish and chips in town. So, everyone would come to you from that region to taste your crazy delicious, crispy battered fish, with your delicious chips.
High-quality services – The starting point.
You must have a great product or service you want to market and sell. Otherwise, you will have unhappy customers. Your product must help them to solve their problems or make their life happier. An oily, mushy fish and chips must be a big disappointment for them. So, make your marketing crispy and fresh, right to the point.

2. Who is Your Ideal Customer?

Now, I’ve seen many fish and chips places, and they usually didn’t have any other products to sell.
Maybe different kind of fish a drink and probably that’s it.
Why is that?
Well, if you would be selling on the side hamburgers, which is an entirely different product – not even talking about the processes.
What would that cause to you other than divided focus?
Well, it would target people, who love burgers, and may or may not like fish.
I know, I know. ‘Those weirdoes who hate fish.’ (I’ve used to be one of them and took me a while to eat fish again.)
But let’s see what would happen in this scenario.
Guys looking for some food, maybe a burger, and they not just don’t like fish, they hate even the smell of it.
Hm Yummy, ha?
Who wants to eat a hamburger with a freshly baked fish smell on it?
So, your focus should stay on fish and sell only fish, to those who love it.
Who is Your Ideal Customer?
When we ask a business owner who is their ideal client, unfortunately, their answer is usually: “EVERYONE”.
Maybe they would say, 20-55 age men and well, maybe women also.
Let’s face it; the two are the same.
How do you get their demographics?
How do you know where they hang out?
Can they afford your services, or not?
Would they see any benefit from your services?
Maybe they would benefit from it, but would they value it at all?
So many questions to answer.
If you target everyone, it’s not a target.
It’s like trying to meet someone without knowing how he looks like and where to come together.

3. Your presence is crucial!

Then, you want to be in the middle of everything, so your location would be easily accessible to anyone who is coming to you.
But mainly it must be where your Ideal Client hangs out.
Simple, isn’t it?
Your presence is crucial!
If they don’t find you on the main street, they will find somebody else.
Your product can be the best; you could provide the most amazing services if your client doesn’t find you.

4. Messaging must be to the point!

What your messaging is?
“Do sell fish and chips?”
“Do you give the best food for hungry fish lovers?”
Messaging must be to the point!
Assume you have the best services, you are standing in front of your ideal customer, and now you have to chat with them.
Not talk to them.
They have to see the benefits of your services, how they will grow, save money or get rid of the pain by being your clients.

5. Technology is crucial!

And there is the selling phase.
You need to have a process that makes it easy for your customers to buy from you.
You need an experienced cashier and a register to make the process seamless and easy.
Technology is crucial!
If you have the right technology in place, you can save time, money and energy.
And most importantly have happy customers.
The most usual problem with technology and marketing is the knowledge.
Business owners don’t start their own businesses to master technology and marketing.
They have a different purpose, a different mission.
It’s just an extra thing they have to bother with.
But, it’s crucial for the business to have these things in the right spot.

6. Timing is key!

Now, let’s see who will buy from you and when.
Your ideal clients are those who love fish, and those, who are hungry.
If your client just finished his lunch and you are trying to sell them one more meal, chances are you won’t succeed.
Timing is key!
If your system is set up the best way, your funnel or campaign is seamlessly automated, then you can give your audience what they want at the right time.
For example, you have a product they just purchased; you could offer them another product to upsell or down-sell which goes well with the first product.
Or, if they are responsive and clicked a link to one of your products or services, you can start sending them relevant information and offerings related to what they were originally looking for.
Now, you see how fish and chips are related to marketing.