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Are you a “Coffee or Tea type” marketer?


Hmm, I just have my yummy tea indulging in flavours of cinnamon and chrysanthemum. It’s refreshingly delicious.

A friend next to me is drinking his coffee portion.

He is addicted to coffee.

He tries to keep reducing it to a healthier level, but let’s face it, he is addicted.
That means he has his ups and downs depending on when he had his last caffeine intake.


Have a look, what coffee does to us?

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant.

It can temporarily make you feel more awake and energetic, but it can also give you the jitters.
Withdrawal or overdose can cause a range of problems.


So, what does a “coffee type” marketer do?


Coffee type marketer

He has his ups and downs.

If he is in the mood, he makes the best marketing, of course, overdosed and then, and then nothing happens.

For a while, until they feel they were missing out on something.

‘I should communicate to my audience.

Ah, where are they?

Wait a minute!

They left! Did they really leave?

I did give them so much value, and now, where are they?

Ah, some are still with me!

Let’s bombard the remainder with my overdosed chatter, with loads of value.

Wait, wait, wait.. not much happens.

Maybe some clicks to unsubscribe.

I overdid it.. or neglected it?'

That’s the big question of a “coffee type” marketer person.

The problem with a “coffee type” marketer is that he gets excited, doesn’t make any plans, just sends out everything, in a short period.

And then this sort of marketer does nothing for too long.

The majority of the audience who stay, probably just won’t care.

Or they simply forgot to unsubscribe.

A list – which you apparently never purchase but talk about it in a different post – that you haven’t connected to a while (more than 3 months) becomes a cold list.

A cold list will have worse reactions to your next email than a list of people who continuously receive your communication and know when they can expect your next value loaded email.

No planning and scheduling could damage your marketing efforts and your domain.


Let’s have a look of a “tea type” marketer

tea type marketerHe makes more thoughtful decisions about the marketing processes he follows. He has a plan.

He knows where he starts and wants to get by the end of the year.

He uses the same fuel, caffeine, but they use it in a more balanced way.

It won’t shock their own scheduling with a crazy amount of writings or other types of tasks to do.

And it won’t cause a shock to the system! I mean to their audience.

Their contacts won’t get bombarded with a crazy number of emails randomly.

The audience gets what they expect and when they expect to receive it.

How can you plan your marketing better?

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