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Proven Results

The Challenge:
Yvonne’s biggest challenge was consistency in communication with guests before they arrived. Her goal was a guest experience that created not just satisfied customers, but raving fans. Fans who would share their experience, return multiple times AND refer friends and family. 

The Solution:

To capture leads for new business, Yvonne created a landing page where visitors enter their email addresses to receive a free downloadable e-book. 

Utilising contact management (CRM) and marketing automation, she began segmenting her contact lists and creating a series of tailored messages for each segment.

The Results:

  • Doubled revenue, 
  • Grew leads by 450% 
  • Tripled customers and Reduced workload by 25% 


Yvonne Halling / Founder

Les Molyneaux B&B

Laura Roeder / Founder

LKR Social Media

The Challenge:
Laura had separate systems for email marketing, contact management and for online sales. They didn't integrate well with each other—which was slowing her business down.

She couldn’t separate old customers from new ones, or tag them into a specific list and send updated promotions. Customer behaviour wasn't tracked, so there were a lot of manual steps.

The Solution:

She needed a well set up and integrated system. The right fit software could help her to keep an accurate and segmented customer list. Also reduced the time she spent on manual tasks. 

An all-in-one sales and marketing automation could open the doors to scalable growth.

The Results:

  • Increased annual revenue from £100,000 to £800,000.
  • Grew list of leads from 2,000 to 85,000. 
  • Grew customer base from 200 to 6,000. 
  • Has the freedom to set her own schedule. 

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We help you qualify your traffic

and segment your list
to send them

relevant information.


We increase the amount of visitors that

turn into buyers by implementing

propriety tactics that help our client’s

double or even triple their sales.


List building is an essential
part of any business.
We help you keep

your list growing. 


We can help you to

increase your annual revenue

and reduce the time 

you spend on your business. 


The visitors that don’t convert will be

retargeted through timely and compelling

ads that will follow them around the



We help you set up an automated system

that nurtures your leads for you, making

your website run like a well oiled sales


Lots of traffic, but not enough
sales or leads?

We grow businesses by converting your web traffic into more paying customers via a unique scientific method.
Find out how we can help you grow your business.

Conversion is the act of turning a website visitor into a sale or a lead or a customer enquiry. What would a 10% increase in sales mean for your business?


Why Choose the High Converting Funnels Team

Our team of skilled Optimisation Analysts, Analytics Engineers, High Conversion Funnel Architects and Project Managers all work together toward a common goal – to empower you to WIN and increase your conversion rate. We aim to understand your business and customers so intimately that we become like an extension of your team.

The High Converting Funnels Team process will never be one-size-fits-all.
Your website tells a story about your company and products. But it also tells us a story about your customers.

Ready To Increase Your Revenue?

We offer a free 30-minute consultation. We will show you where your site is leaking the most revenue and offer an optimisation plan to boost your sales.



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